Innovation, Integrity, Integration, Accountability, Client Health Risk Strategies

Corporate Benefits Service, Inc. (CBS) is a health care benefit plan asset manager for self-funded employer plan sponsors. CBS employs a fully integrated, comprehensive medical risk management program that improves health care outcomes for plan participants and significantly reduces claim cost for employer clients. Both utilization of healthcare services and cost per clinical diagnosis are well below norms. By integrating claims and clinical management, CBS measures group plan healthcare dynamics then establishes a client specific strategy to improve results.

CBS was founded in 1947 as a health care benefit-consulting firm and migrated into health claim adjudication at the urging of their clients. In the 1950’s, CBS began paying short term disability claims to speed the turnaround time to rank and file disabled beneficiaries. In the mid 1960’s, clients asked CBS to begin paying medical claims in order to more thoroughly investigate coordination of benefit opportunities with other health plans, thereby avoiding duplicate payment of claims. When the 1974 ERISA passed, CBS started a subsidiary, Corporate Claims, which sole purpose was to adjudicate self-funded health. In 1989, Mr. Kenneth W. Harvey purchased the companies and consolidated Corporate Claims and Corporate Benefits into one corporation.

CBS has evolved from a claims adjudicator and clinical manager to a fully integrated health care Value Management organization and an industry leader in Reference Based Pricing.

Throughout CBS’ existence the company has been headquartered in Charlotte and has been a North Carolina Corporation. Although CBS is North Carolina based, it is a national firm serving providers and plan participants in 48 states.